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Roots - Exploring the Art of Wellness

Roots is a program of Healing Circles Langley, housed in the Soundview Center. Roots focuses on 10 ‘roots’ of wellness—exploration/creativity, lifestyle/daily practices, social connectedness, stress/resilience, emotional/mental health, sense of self, physical health, finances, purpose/meaning and environmental.

The mission of Roots is to help improve individual and community well-being, by creating a supportive atmosphere where people are encouraged to make positive life decisions, build community, and learn ways to improve health and wellness.

The Roots program offers classes to the community free of charge (donations are appreciated) held in Soundview Center’s Cascade Room. All classes are selected by a committee who attempt to balance the class offerings to reflect all the components of wellness. If you would like to volunteer to teach a Roots class, please read the guidelines for offerings before you submit a proposal. Be sure to indicate Soundview Center as your class location on your proposal!

View Roots classes along with all other class offerings and happenings on our calendar.